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Consciousness Transformation Spread

July 29, 2015

A few months ago I presented a two-class webinar about how to create spreads called Millions of Tarot Spreads. (A recorded version of the webinar is available.) One technique that I talked about was how to create a new spread by expanding upon an old one, and here is an example of that. In this case, I began with the simple “Past, Present, Future” spread and expanded it through consideration of two bits of wisdom:

  1. Live in the here and now. It’s all there really is.
    This new spread will help you get out of living in the past and/or future.
  2. We find happiness and fulfillment through gratitude and appreciation. (For more about why and how to do that, see an article called “Four Great Gratitude Strategies.”)
    This spread will help you increase your sense of appreciation for your life.

So I revised the three PPF positions to reflect our typical consciousness of the Past, Present, and Future.  Then I added three more positions above them to reflect a higher consciousness of the Past, Present, and Future.  Thus a reading with this spread will show you how you can transform your consciousness.

What follows is the spread layout:


Consciousness Transformation Spread


Here are the positional definitions:

Bottom row (Ego consciousness):

Card 1:  (Regrets and hurt)  What regrets do you have about the past? Or what past events are you still hurt or angry about?
Card 2:  (Problems)  What problems do you have now?
Card 3:  (Hopes)  What do you fear will happen in the future?

Top row (Higher consciousness):

Card 4:  (Appreciation of the past)  Considering the regrets or anger from a past event, how did that past event actually help you become the person you are today?
Card 5:  (Gratitude for today)  What in your life right now should you show gratitude for? Or how is the current problem you are facing really a blessing?
Card 6:  (Envision the future)  How can you envision (in order to create) a future filled with joy, love, and abundance?

Note that my intention for this spread is that you first deal cards 1 – 3 and interpret them. Then deal cards 4 – 6 and interpret them.

So there you have it, an example of creating a spread that is an expansion of another spread. And the result is a spread that will give you readings to transform your consciousness and create a better life for yourself..

For more information about my recorded spreads workshop and how to purchase it, see:  And if you are interested in discovering more spiritually oriented spreads, see my book, The Soul’s Journey.


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  1. Zoe permalink

    Great spread, James!

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