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21st Century Tarot de Marseilles — Majors deck

October 4, 2021

My “21st Century Tarot de Marseilles” is a revamped version of the traditional Tarot de Marseilles decks from centuries past. While staying faithful to the drawings seen in old versions of the Tarot de Marseilles deck, I have sharpened the line drawings and electronically colored them so that they “pop” in a way that brings these iconic images into the 21st Century, similar to what I did with my RWS 2.0 deck. See, for example, how the World card progressed as I colored it:

As of 10/21/2021, my new 21st Century Tarot de Marseilles deck (Majors only) deck is now available for sale. You can order it HERE.

The following are low-res images of the Major Arcana cards and the card backs.
The printed deck, of course, will use high-res files.

Note: As you can see, this deck is a Majors-only version. I’m thinking about creating 56 more cards to make a full deck version, but I don’t know if/when that will happen.


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