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A Tarot Triptych: Death, Ace of Cups, Ace of Wands

June 7, 2015

Today I dealt the following three cards to interpret them as a story spread:

Tarot Triptych Death, Ace of Cups, Ace of Wands

First, let’s look at a quick interpretation of each card:

Death: Endings and new beginnings; transformation
Ace of Cups: (Self) love
Ace of Wands: Inspiration from a higher source

Now, let’s consider how to read this three card story spread.  In this case, the image on the middle card (which determines of direction for this kind of spread) does not imply a simple left to right or right to left movement. Nor does it suggest a comparison of the flanking cards.  It did, however, indicate to me that there is a movement pulling in the energy from the flanking cards.  This assessment was supported by the obvious direction (in toward the center) of the Ace of Wands as well as the same, albeit more subtle, movement of the Death card.

Consequently, I saw the following two narratives for these cards. (Although these two narratives are slightly different, they both say very much the same thing.)

First narrative:
Self-love is facilitated by a willingness to listen to inspiration from above (such as our “Higher Self”) and a willingness to let go of our old, outdated concepts of who and what we are.

Second narrative:
A transformation of our ability to love (both ourselves and others) arises when we realize the proper subordination of our human ego to our divine spiritual self.

If you have yet another way to interpret this Tarot Triptych, feel free to post it in the comments section below.


A 3-card Story spread reading is a way to interpret three cards as a single triptych image that tells a story.  If you want more explanation of how (and why) to do such readings, see my blog post titled, “The Triptychs of TarotVille.”




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